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Why is Rowing so Effective?

Rowing is unique in that it is load bearing cardio.  Each stroke uses 85% of your body's muscles!
The East End Row format was designed by an Exercise Scientist with intentional sequencing to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.  We call it #theperfectexercise.
In our high intensity, low impact classes, we keep your heart rate up by mixing interval sprints with strength training.  Strength Training helps build muscle and improve bone density.  Interval training boosts your metabolism in ways “steady state” workouts just can’t. 
A strong metabolism is among most people’s top fitness goals.  It helps with weight loss, maintains lean muscle mass, and helps to burn and use calories more efficiently.  And that’s exactly why you should be rowing!
It’s not just about the calories you burn in class, but about the “after burn” you’ll get after class. For up to 24 hours after interval training, you’re metabolism will be revved up and increasing the amount of calories your body burns at rest. Your body will be a fat and calorie burning machine around the clock.  
East End Row
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Upper East Side Studio
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East Hampton Studio
460 Pantigo Rd (Rt 27)  
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Southampton Studio
33 Hill Street 
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