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Why is Rowing so Effective?

Rowing is unique in that it is load bearing cardio.  Each stroke uses 85% of your body's muscles!
The East End Row format was designed by an Exercise Scientist with intentional sequencing to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.  We call it #theperfectexercise.
In our high intensity, low impact classes, we keep your heart rate up by mixing interval sprints with strength training.  Strength Training helps build muscle and improve bone density.  Interval training boosts your metabolism in ways “steady state” workouts just can’t. 
A strong metabolism is among most people’s top fitness goals.  It helps with weight loss, maintains lean muscle mass, and helps to burn and use calories more efficiently.  And that’s exactly why you should be rowing!
It’s not just about the calories you burn in class, but about the “after burn” you’ll get after class. For up to 24 hours after interval training, you’re metabolism will be revved up and increasing the amount of calories your body burns at rest. Your body will be a fat and calorie burning machine around the clock.  
Hamptons-based healthy-activist, Albee is a personal trainer and dietitian
that focuses on creating a solid foundation of fitness, nutrition and
knowledge for her clients. She believes in encouraging others to live a
healthy lifestyle and invest in themselves for the long-term benefits as
well as short-term goals.

Graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Rutgers University, Albee has been in the wellness industry for close to 10 years.  Never stagnant and always driven, she is NASM certified and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Her passion and commitment to fitness in combination with her high energy motivates, challenges and inspires her clients, empowering them to be better than they were before.

When not training you will find Albee on the beach with her dog Bubba.
Newton is a Kentucky native transplanted to the east end of Long Island. He has a background in teaching many different types of fitness classes including rowing. You can expect some heart pumping music, challenging strength training, and an emphasis on quality form.  
Tiana is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist with the American Council on Exercise, as well as a registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance. She started her journey as a dancer 24 years ago, which is where she developed a love for the body and movement. Pursuing this passion lead her down the path of fitness and wellness. She specializes in strength training and conditioning, yoga, powerlifting, injury prevention and rehabilitation, TRX, boxing, nutrition, and pre and post natal training. She currently works as a private trainer and instructs at several studios around New York City.
Director of Fitness NYC
Brandon is a Personal Trainer and is a registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance. His love of fitness started with track and field, competing in both high school and college and eventually becoming a coach. In his pursuit of physical strength, he strives to bring awareness and mindfulness to all athletic endeavors. He specializes in strength training, yoga, running, TRX, and injury prevention.
Lauren is a former attorney and mother of two who has been teaching yoga for over seven years.  She likes to encourage her students with lots of energy and support while keeping them safe in their movement by focusing on proper alignment.  Lauren loves the cardio and strength-training combination of East End Row fitness classes and is excited to join the team.
Amanda is an ACSM certified personal trainer with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is in helping clients reach their fullest potential in health and fitness by accomplishing goals they may have never thought possible. Amanda loves the energy and atmosphere that East End Row provides, and is excited to be a part of the team. Besides being at the gym, Amanda also enjoys tennis and biking.
Tianni Davis is a certified Personal Trainer, Dancer, and Fitness Enthusiasts, with a Bachelors in Art. Her passion for fitness and body movement, began at the early age of 6, where she studied Modern, Jazz and African dance. She moved on to becoming a high school athlete, running track and field. Later solidifying her place in the professional fitness world, as a personal trainer at Equinox and other various New York gyms. Tianni is a natural motivator, and passionately inspires people to reach their fullest potential in building inner strength and power. She specializes in strength training, powerlifting, bootcamp, and form correction.
A wellness advocate and fitness enthusiast, Christie developed her interest in the mechanics of the human body after a lifetime of athletics. Her involvement in sports from a young age, ranging from field hockey to gymnastics, peaked her interested in learning more about anatomy and physiology. Graduating with a degree in Holistic Medicine, Christie became a Certified Personal Trainer at the age of 19 and quickly fell in love with the barre workout. It reminded her of the many years of dance and gymnastics conditioning with quick results. Becoming a barre instructor was natural and most fulfilling. Her goal is to create a comfortable, fun environment encouraging clients to enjoy their work out experience. As you are always welcomed with a smile, Christie's energy is friendly and inviting while her sessions challenging. Leaving you wanting more!
Hannah is a former collegiate rower. She has rowed in the Head of Charles and Dad Vails, and is also the holder of the NCAA Division III Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship 2015. She was the stroke seat for all of the boats she rowed in, so her classes focus on form, technique, and timing. She is passionate about teaching and the sport of crew. She can be found anywhere between Southampton and the Upper East Side. She really is Straight Outta Southampton!
April Holloway is enthusiastic about being amongst East End Row's group of dynamic instructors.  Hailing from the D.C. Metro area, April found her passion for fitness as a result of her passion for dance at a young age.  While studying dance and Exercise Sport Science at Elon University in North Carolina, she went on to teach various group exercise classes on campus throughout her time at school.  Throughout her experience in NYC, she has committed to growing along her journey as both a fitness professional and a broadway performer.  She brings her enthusiasm to East End Row to  encourage her clients to thrive both in class and in their daily lives!
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