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The Workout

How it Works
EAST END ROW uniquely incorporates a three level pressure test that allows each person to  gauge their strength that instructors will then incorporate into waves and pyramids.  This is what allows two people with different fitness levels to enjoy the same class.  Don't know what a wave or pyramid is?  Don't worry we'll explain it all once you're here. 
The entire class is choreographed to the beat of music.
How it Works

The Rower

Our WaterRowers are made here on the East Coast.  You may have seen President Underwood use one on House of Cards.  Either way they are beautiful machines that provide a more even rowing experience and exercise over 80% of your body's muscles.
Our classes may also incorporate routines that use the seat of the rower in a manner similar to the reformer carriage in Pilates or SLT classes.  Get ready to feel the BURN!
East End Row
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Upper East Side Studio
139 East 61st Street 
New York NY 10065
(NW Corner At Lexington)
East Hampton Studio
460 Pantigo Rd (Rt 27)  
East Hampton NY 11968
(East of Bostwicks)
Southampton Studio
33 Hill Street 
Southampton NY 11968
(next to the movie theater)
Mithra Asset Management LLC dba East End Row

Sitting tall, arms straight reaching forward, shoulders relaxed, head up, eyes looking forward, legs compressed and shins vertical.